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Letter to the president


Salon Beginnings


Our journey began in February 1964 by the Shaw family, providing high quality, low-priced family haircare with convenient hours. 50 years later, the 3rd generation family-owned company successfully operates over 80 salons in 6 states. A vision was started and they never looked back. Operating under the Cutting Crew, Lemon Tree & Gentry brand names.

"Over the past 50 years, the company has evolved along with current fashion trends.  In the 1960’s, shampoo and sets were popular.  The 1970’s ushered in the “unisex salon” and blow dry styling. In the ‘80’s, big hair and big shoulder pads were in fashion.  In the 1990’s and through today, anything goes; from smoothing and straightening to streaks of blue and purple hair color, Cutting Crew continues to deliver full service, high quality hair care at an affordable price." Jonathan Shaw, Salon Development President

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